Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Greetings

4c71b05f7dbbf9809436110809e16ec4Cute Photoshopping by someone on this photo of a flock of sheep.  I couldn’t find the original source of the photo but got it from Pinterest.  Wouldn’t it be fun if they really came in these pretty colors!

May you all have a blessed Easter and because I am a Christian I want to share my favorite hymn Because He Lives which is a YouTube video link.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Grackle, Grackle Sitting In A Tree Are You Singing Just For Me

Happily listening to the birds singing outside my sewing room one cloudy afternoon.  Hopefully that means we have spring weather here to stay real soon.  Grackles are black birds with a beautiful metallic blue head and chest and can be noisy but bird songs are bird songs after a long winter and a music to my ears.IMG_9467-3
This bird does look pretty intense doesn't it. I wonder if it saw my camera close to the window.

Until Later,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Means Calving Time

IMG_9518I don’t think there is anything much cuter on our farm than when the cows start having their calves.  Our herd is nearly half done calving now so there are lots of little calves running around.  I went out the other day late afternoon with my camera and got these photos.  Enjoy!IMG_9558Notice the calf in the background on the photo below.  It is jumping and going to take off running with it’s mama close behind mooing.  I can just hear her yelling “stop, stop, you have to stay by me.”  After the calves are only a day or two old they love to run and chase each other but the cows don’t like that so much so follow them around the lot.  I seems like late afternoon is when they do more running around for some reason.
IMG_9524As you probably noticed on the photos so far the cows and calves are all pretty much looking right at the camera.  No fancy tricks used to accomplish this either.  They are really curious animals and watched me the entire time I was photographing.  I was standing outside the fence and they would gather close to figure out what I was doing I guess.  Some of the cows in the photos have had their calves and some have not and their bellies are huge.  I am sure they feel like a 9 month pregnant woman in that their legs and back ache and will be glad to get rid of that extra weight and greet their new baby!
Until Later,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Won!

IMG_9319A big thank you goes out to Kay Mackenzie of the All About Applique blog for the drawing she held on her blog a week or so ago.  I was so surprised to find out I won and look at the fabulous books I won.  She sent me a copy of two of her applique books and  they have great patterns in them.  Please check out her other patterns and books at this address and her blog that can be found here.IMG_9321
Until Later,


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